Popcorn Kernel Divider Popcorn Bucket $12 @ Amazon

Popcorn Kernel Divider Popcorn Bucket $12 @ Amazon

Sitting down to watch a movie is absolutely complete with a big bowl of popcorn. But when you bite onto a kernel its totally killer.

Which is why I love this bucket it divides out the kernels and my teeth are super thankful. Plus right now you can grab you one for just $11.70!

They come in 2 sizes and are big enough for the whole family during movie night. We can all sit down for a great movie without the need of worrying about a hard seed.

This bucket divides the kernels into the bottom while the it keeps the popcorn on top so its constantly just waiting for a kernel to fall down and then keeps it separated for a great snack anytime.

This is a complete lifesaver one time I bit down on a hard seed and my teeth didnt stop hurting for the rest of the day. Now my worries are over and its snack time anytime.

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