Portable Air Conditioner $14 + Free Shipping @ eBay

Portable Air Conditioner $14 + Free Shipping @ eBay

Are you burning to crisp with all the fun outdoor hot weather activities? Having a hot flash at the office? At a game full of body heat? Going on vacation?

No matter what your doing when you get hot its miserable and this little portable air conditioner will have your back and priced at just $14 your going to love it.

I love summer weather but hate getting so hot I cant stand it. Thats why when I saw this I snagged up one for each of us. Now we can enjoy all of our summer activities and have more fun.

This little booger can lower the temperature blowing at you up to 30 degrees cooler and to me that sounds quite amazing and perfect for our upcoming Disney vacation.

These little air conditioners can run on batteries or a USB for constant use. So no matter if you are indoors or out this will come in handy.

I love that these come in a couple different colors so we can each have our own color and not have to worry about it getting misplaced.

To top off these awesome air conditioners they also ship free!


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