Potty Training Toilet Target Just $30 @ Amazon

Potty Training Toilet Target Just $30 @ Amazon

Calling all parents of potty training toddlers. If you have a little prince in the house you know how stressing it can be to get them to go potty but now you can make it exciting.

This newly released and clever toddler target lights up in the toilet bowl so your little one will have something to aim at and all for just $29.88!

The key to successful potty training is making it fun. It has to be something the kids want to do and every little man will think shooting the target is fun. In fact, I can see this be entertaining for girls as well.

Simply take out the toilet target and use the two-sided tape to attach it to the back of your toilet seat. Adjust the light to exactly where you want it and let the fun begin.

This is powered by batteries so there is no threat of electrical shock and its motion activated to keep the batteries going forever. When it senses motion it turns on and waits a couple minutes and then turns back off. Amazing right?

Oh, but there is more this is just not for potty training but for older boys as well I do not know how many times I have went in my bathroom to wipe the seat before I was even able to use it. This will give everyone a fun alternative to spraying the entire seat.

This comes with 2 modes and you can use it as a target, a nightlight or both. Perfect for those late night triples to the bathroom where a regular light would devastate your eyes.

The Toddler Target is a brand new released item and is sure to be a hit across America. I can see this being used in every household especially with toddlers.

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