Power Wheels Barbie Dream Camper Ride-On Now $100 Off @ Walmart

Power Wheels Barbie Dream Camper Ride-On Now $100 Off @ Walmart

Power Wheels have been one of the hottest toys since the 1980's but have you ever seen one this mind-blowing?

Its made just like Barbie's dream camper and even has room for a passenger for added fun. Plus right now it's priced at $100 off!

This Power Wheels is more tricked out then most adult vehicles!

Grab a friend and hit the yard. Want to stop for a bit? The back end has to be my favorite as it pops open to reveal a BBQ and is just like driving around with a kitchen in the back, how fun!

Oh but that's not the end of the excitement this beast comes with a real working radio and has MP3 hookups so you can jam to your favorite hits as you drive.

Want to go someplace that only your imagination can take you? Simply turn on the play GPS and Barbie's voice will help guide you.

This vehicle features a rechargeable 12-volt battery that can have you little one zooming around up to 5 mph without ever needing to stop at a gas station.

But what would a big camper be without Power Lock brakes? Yes, you will find that is included too to keep your kiddos as safe as possible.

This has to be the next best thing since the original Barbie doll itself. In fact, if I could jump in this thing I wouldn't mind to style it around myself.

Shipping adds $49.97.

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