Pre-Order Your Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise Now

Pre-Order Your Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise Now

Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprises are a totally new slime and unboxing experience that is sure to delight kids of all ages and is on my kids must have lists and they haven't even hit store shelves yet.

While supplies last you can pre-order your new Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise for just $9.88!

So what makes these so much different than every unboxing surprise? Each one comes in a different color and scented slime unicorn poop but you do not know which won't you are going to get until you squeeze it out.

But that is not all! Not only will you be unboxing surprise slime but you will get a cutie tooties figure as well! This is awesome.

Wondering what kind of slime you can get? They include varieties in textures, including water, crunch, and marshmallow slimes. There are over 30 different slimes to collect and 25 different cutie tooties.

Each character has a sparkly unicorn horn. Or you may even find the ultra-rare rainbow kitty! With so many different combinations to collect you can collect the entire rainbow.

Pre-orders for the hottest toys are the best way to go. This guarantees you the price and the best part is you don't even have to hunt when they release.

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