Pre-Order Your Untamed T-Rex Now @ Amazon

Pre-Order Your Untamed T-Rex Now @ Amazon

Untamed T-rex's are an all new dinosaur collection from Fingerlings. They not only look totally awesome but the kids are going to go nuts over these.

Not to worry you can pre-order yours now and check mark these soon to be extinct dino's off your holiday list.

This is the second series to the Untamed collection and sure to be even a bigger hit.

These little T-rex's come in untamed mode and will roar, hiss and even chomp.

Your job as their new owner is to 'tame' them into friendly purring pets that love to nuzzle and your affection. Sounds pretty cool right?

With how popular Fingerlings were last year at the holiday season we can expect these dinosaurs to match in popularity and even be more attractive to all age groups. I mean who doesn't want to tame a t-rex?

These Untamed Fingerlings react to touch, affection, motion and sound. Each one shows you their friend or foe side with over 40 different sounds and animations.

Think it couldn't get any better? Think again these little guys have wild roars, chomping jaws and even funny Dino gas that is sure to get a laugh out of everyone.

You can pre-order your choice of 4 characters now including Ironjaw, Ripsaw, Scratch and Tracker. Each one has its own look and own personality but be fast as we expect these to sell out.

Shipping is free when you pre-order 2 or more.


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