Pre-orders Now Available For Little Live Wrapples @ Amazon

Pre-orders Now Available For Little Live Wrapples @ Amazon

We always try to stay up to date on the next hottest toys and this one is going to be begged for by all kids.

But no worries parents we have you covered and you can get in your pre-order now for this exceptionally cute Little Live Wrapples.

Wrapples is a furry best friend your children can take everywhere.

Remember the slap bands we used to love as a child? This is the same concept except you get to slap on a furry friend.

Wrapples is not just any friend they have 50 different animations and also have light up eyes plus they purr when you pet them. Pretty amazing right?

They still get even better! Set more then one Wrapples near eachother and they will chat and sing together making the fun never stop.

These Little Live Wrapples are due to be released October 1st but as most of you know any kind of new toys released just a couple months before December goes extinct fast which means pre-ordering is the way to go if you want one.

Non prime members pre-order 2+ and shipping is free!


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