Pregnancy Labor & Delivery Socks From $6.99 @ Etsy

Pregnancy Labor & Delivery Socks From $6.99 @ Etsy

Are these not the cutest?! Your going to go through a exciting delivery so why not make it that much more funny and awesome with these socks and right now you can score them from just $6.99!

These would have been great for my labor, we had a photographer in for our delivery and Im sure these socks would make for some great fun photos.

Not only are these socks a huge plus for photos but they will help lighten the mood as everyone is seeing them and laughing making your labor just a bit better.

These socks come in lots of different prints. They are all super cute and perfect for yourself or someone you know. Grab the socks that will be talked about forever.

You wont find this deal in stores, these are customized right after you purchase making for a great fun saying just for you.

Each pair comes with a different shipping rate but none that I checked was more then a few dollars.


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