Presto Electric Foldaway Griddle $20 @ Walmart

Presto Electric Foldaway Griddle $20 @ Walmart

Looking for an amazing deal on a new griddle?

Check out this awesome deal going on over at where you can grab this Presto Cool Touch Electric Foldaway Griddle for just $20!

This griddle is normally 40 bucks and is even listed on Amazon right now for $34 where it has a 4.6 star rating.

What I like most about this griddle is it's foldaway legs that make storage easy. If you're looking to maximize counter space going with a griddle with foldaway legs is a must and this guy is a good option!

The heating surface is non-stick and stays that way so it stays clean, it also cooks food evenly every time. It's great for making a quick breakfast for the family, I'm also able to cook a ton at a time during the holidays too when family is over!


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