Privacy Pop Bed Tent Awesome For Dorms & Room Sharers $130 @ Amazon

Privacy Pop Bed Tent Awesome For Dorms & Room Sharers $130 @ Amazon

This tent is essential to dorm dwellers or kids that are sharing rooms. It will give them a bit of privacy and even keeps the light out while one stays awake.

Plus these are available for every size bed including a bunk bed and right now you can get your very own for just $129.99!

There is nothing worse then sharing a room with someone and they are not ready to go to sleep. So the light stays on and you stay up as well.

Thats where this privacy tent comes in now you can zip this up and keep the light out. On top of that you can sleep in what ever you choose and have the privacy of like having your own bedroom.

This is essential for dorm dwellers as well. My cousin just got to a dorm but couldn't sleep that well due to her room mate. She bought one of these and now zips up the privacy and sleeps like a charm.

Plus this even has a charging whole for all of your cords you want to bring in without having to unzip it. Now she can have privacy while shes on the laptop, texting or doing school work in general.

Even sweeter this pop up bed tent is available in all sizes of beds so no matter if you need a twin, bunk bed or even a queen size they have you covered.

Shipping varies from free to $15 depending on the size and color you choose. But even if you have to pay shipping its still so worth it.


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