Privacy Pop Bed Tents From $130 @ Amazon

Privacy Pop Bed Tents From $130 @ Amazon

If your kids share a room or you even have a dorm dweller give them some well-needed privacy with these privacy pop bed tents.

Amazon has multiple sizes from just $130 each.

These are not just any generic tent these are made by the well known Privacy Pop company and are super durable and built to last for years to come.

Sharing a room can be fun you get to play together, someone to talk to and constant companionship but what happens when it's just a bit too much? Simply zip up this tent and have your own private oasis.

Both sides of the tent unzip so when you are not wanting privacy you can let in all the light from each. Simply zip it up and you now block out all the light! Perfect for one person doing homework with the lights on while the other sleeps.

Plus it even comes with optional windows to in the foot and head of the tent to allow air flow in and out. Perfect for getting heat, wind, or a/c.

These are wonderful for kids, teens, and even dorm-dwelling adults. They come in all bed sizes and they even have one designed for bunk beds!

If only they had one of these while I was in college I would have been set. I could think of nothing cooler than your own personalized privacy tent.

Shipping varies.

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