Professional Unicorn Makeup Brush Sets $5 @ Wish

Professional Unicorn Makeup Brush Sets $5 @ Wish

Got a little obsession with unicorns? Or makeup? Or both? Or maybe a daughter that does? Well right now at Wish you can get these Professional Unicorn Makeup Brush Sets for just $5!

Shipping is $3 but even with it this is still one of the better deals I've seen on these unicorn inspired brush sets. Like the same 10-Piece Set is $21 at Amazon!

You can choose from a ton of different color options for both the brush heads and the handles. And you can also choose from different quantities. The 5-Count is $5. The 8 -Count is $8. The 10-Count is $9 and the 12-Count is $11, etc.

Shipping time may take a couple weeks since it's Wish so it would be a good idea to order them sooner rather than later to give yourself enough time to get them if you're going after them for a gift.

Like these would be a neat Easter basket gift for the glam unicorn in your life. It's also a cute idea for your child's dress up/makeup play. Heck I want one for myself!


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