Put Me Down Toilet Decals Are Half Off @ Amazon

Leave a friendly reminder to put the seat down with these hilarious decals!
Put Me Down Toilet Decals Are Half Off @ Amazon

Now you can leave a friendly reminder on the toilet seat so those guys get the message that they're supposed to put the seat down after going and they'll have no more excuses thanks to these handy decals.

It's all fun and games until mom goes to the toilet in the middle of the night and gets surprised by sitting down on the bowl because someone left the seat up. You know that feeling where you sit down and fall into oblivion because someone forgot to put the seat up? This decal is the solution you need.

I love this, just pop it on your toilet seat with easy to peal sticker decal and reap the rewards of the hubby never forgetting to put it back down once it's up, sometimes all it takes is a little (obvious, in your face etc....) reminder like these hilarious put me down toilet sticker decals and at this price, why not grab one.

The best part of this is how little I'm going to have to remind them, no longer will I have to say put the toilet seat down. The reminder is given while they pee so there is no confusion. I'm expecting some pushback from this sticker but I'll take what I can get at this price, plus friends and family will get a kick out of it.

Give the boys in your house a gentle reminder every time without even having to say a word with these decals. Just remove the backing paper, affix the decal and smooth it out from any air bubbles in the letters. Then remove the clear transfer tape and you're ready to rock.

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  • Cara B.

    Lord I need one of these. Got a 14 year old boy now who don’t know the meaning of “Put the Toilet Seat Down”

  • Andrea N.


  • Ashley T.

    i dont have that problem. i need them to put it up lol

  • Andrea N.

    then get that one made lol

  • Maribel S.

    you need this!

  • LeAnne I.

    I need one that says lift me up and put me down!!! #boymomof5