Putter Pool - Indoor Golf/Pool Mixup Game Only $80 @ Amazon

Putter Pool - Indoor Golf/Pool Mixup Game Only $80 @ Amazon

Whoa, I thought I have seen all the fun games for indoors until we spotted this. Now this is totally awesome and I'm grabbing one up for the whole family for Christmas.

Plus its priced at only $79.98 and is the cheapest we can find anywhere. Even sweeter it ships completely free!

This is like a mix in between my 2 favorite games ever! Miniature golf and billiards, now to see if the kids have it in them to beat me.

This huge 78"L x 57"W game mat is plenty big enough to have the whole family playing in enjoyment. It comes with carbon fiber golf clubs, 16 golf balls, rails and even the billiards triangle giving you the whole setup to play the second it comes out of the box.

Im positive this will be our new family favorite for game night and will give the kids something to play over Christmas break. Plus with the free shipping for both Amazon prime members and non prime members you cant go wrong.


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