Razor Spider-Man RSF350 Electric Dirt Bike $99 (Reg. $349) @ Walmart

Razor Spider-Man RSF350 Electric Dirt Bike $99 (Reg. $349) @ Walmart

This big 24v electric dirt bike will have your kids, tweens and even teens zooming around at speeds up to 14mph!

Plus right now you can score it for just $99! This usually goes for $349 saving you $250!

The Spider-Man RSF350's bold style is rounded out with its classic Spider-Man design and emblems, rear disc brake, custom 10-inch mag wheels and a trellis frame chassis.

Its like a dream come true for any kid and heck adults too as this thing can hold up to 140lbs making it one of the best machines out there.

This dirt bike uses 2 12v rechargeable batteries for maximum power. When your done riding simply charge them back up and get moving again no gasoline required!

To top off this amazing sale it also ships totally free straight to your door.


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