Reeses Cookie Skillet Kit Now Available @ Big Lots

Yum, how good does this look?!
Reeses Cookie Skillet Kit Now Available @ Big Lots

Yum, we just got word that Big Lots has these giant Reese's cookie skillets back in stock and you're able to buy them in store at your local Big Lots. Right now they're not available for purchase online yet, but they did become available online last and we're even for sale on Amazon so we'll keep our eye out.

The great news is you can buy the 2.5 oz version online to hold you over if you've got a birthday upcoming and really need it. It comes in Reese's peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie mix and looks so delicious. If you're wanting the bigger version you'll have to get over to Big Lots to grab one.

The jumbo kit got released last year and was a hit all over the web. It's cool because it comes with it's own skillet, so you're ready to get going as soon as you buy it. This is the perfect treat for any Reese's lover.

We'll keep tabs on this for the release on Amazon, we're expecting it to. For now if you want the 5.5 oz version you'll have to grab it the next time your over at your local Big Lots (this is the perfect reason to run over) whether you're wanting to grab it for Christmas or an upcoming birthday, now is your time to go grab one up!

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  • Brittany W.

    add this to your Christmas list

  • Jenista G.

    we need this in our lives!

  • Patrick I.

    Hell yeah cuz!

  • Sonja W.


  • Ashley M.

    omg stop! Must find ASAP!!

  • Kim W.

    Christmas exchange

  • Melissa L.


  • Don S.


  • Jennelle S.

    ..... this is so you!!!

  • Jerry S.

    that might be good with some vanilla ice cream

  • Joseph S.


  • Brenda G.

    ???? My teeth might fall out!

  • Jenista G.

    it’d be worth it for Reese’s

  • Brenda G.

    Can't lose them NOW sweets! :kissing_heart:

  • Wendy M.

    yummy :yum:

  • Emily L.

    well if you insist.... perhaps Chattanooga

  • Lydia H.

    YES. A fantastic plan.

  • Emily L.

    and so it was

  • Sarah M.

    I know what Johnny getting for xmas

  • Teresa S.

    Is this real?!?!

  • Shelbie B.

    & we NEED to try this, yummm!

  • Ashley L.