Refurbished iPad Tablets $99 @ eBay

Refurbished iPad Tablets $99 @ eBay

Been wanting to grab the kids tablets but don't want to spend a fortune? Honestly, my son has been using the iPad 2 for three years and it's still going strong.

Right now you can grab refurbished iPads on eBay for just $99, the seller has some really great feedback too which is nice.

  1. Click here for refurbished Apple iPad 2 just $99 @ eBay

We've tried others like the Amazon Fire tablets but the quality isn't near Apple. Plus with Apple you get all the apps and games that most of the kids are playing at any given time which is nice.

My son loves Minecraft and he seriously has used his iPad so much it's pretty worn. But overall he still loves it and doesn't ask for a new one. Overall the value we've gotten out of the iPad is so worth it. Especially if you're grabbing one for $99 (ours was $200 at the time).

With eBay you get free shipping on these too which is nice, plus these ship from Tampa!


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