Remote Control Mop $46 @ eBay

Remote Control Mop $46 @ eBay

Do your kids hate doing chores? Solve that problem with this completely awesome remote control mop.

They will be more then excited to mop up the floor and priced at only $46 it will pay for itself with your new sparkling house.

I always try to find ways to make the kids want to clean and make it fun. As we all know everyone hates cleaning and when you can add a little awesomeness to it your be so much happier.

This remote control mop will zoom around your house like a rocket cleaning as it goes and if your kids are like mine they will love chasing around the pets and maybe even each other but you can smile knowing as it moves your house is that much cleaner.

This mop comes with a removable cloth so once your done cleaning its easily washable and then ready for its next job in no time.

To make this mop even better it ships for free! So kick your feet up and grab the next coolest invention ever that actually will clean your house.


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