Sandscript Automatic Sand Drawing Machine $40 @ Gamestop

Sandscript Automatic Sand Drawing Machine $40 @ Gamestop

Looking for a way to zen out in your office? Head over to Gamestop where they've got this sweet Sandscript Automatic Sand Drawing Machine priced at just $39.99. This item is from ThinkGeek but it's actually $10 more if you try to buy it directly from them.

Think of this one as a more adult-friendly version of a fidget spinner. You can totally relax and de-stress by watching this little device go to town. It will design mesmerizing sand designs with a magnetic feature that uses a three knob system to make symmetrical mandala patterns or just random doodles on command.

You choose the ball based on how fine you want your lines to be and the detail you're going for (i.e., small ball gets you fine lines and larger balls get you wider lines). And don't worry if you're not artistically gifted. You don't have to even know how to draw a mandala to create one in the sand with this machine.

The shipping is $7.49 if you're not a ProMember. Otherwise, you can also choose free in-store pickup if it's available in your area and skip the shipping cost altogether.


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