Save 45% Off Teddy Ruxpin The Magical Bear @ Amazon

Save 45% Off Teddy Ruxpin The Magical Bear @ Amazon

Our favorite story time reading bear is back and better than we ever thought he could be!

Plus right now he's 45% off and the best price ever! Teddy Ruxpin was super hard to find last year for Christmas making now the perfect time to grab him up while saving some cash.

Teddy Ruxpin looks just like we remember him but he is so much cooler!

He is smart, innovative, cuddly and not to mention he has LCD eyes with over 40 different animations.

But that's not all his mouth is also animatronic and syncs to his speech so everything he says really looks like he is speaking it.

Touch sensors in your new bear allow kids to control the story and songs as you both read along and sing along.

The fun doesn't stop with just random stories either as you can download the free app and make your new friend an endless storytelling adventure.

This would make the perfect gift idea for all younger kids. I personally hauled my Teddy Ruxpin around with me everywhere as a kid and I'm positive my kids will too.

Shipping is free.

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