Save 50% Off This Potty Training Seat With Step Stool Ladder @ eBay

Save 50% Off Potty Training Seat @ eBay

Ok lets face it cleaning them small potty chairs can sometimes be extreme but did you know there is a better way?

Here it is and priced at just $19.45! This saves you $20.50 and is completely genius.

This training Seat is perfect for potty training toddlers and youngsters ready to learn how to go and where to go.

Plus the best part is no messy cleanups. Simply flush and be done how awesome is that?

The extra wide step, handles and non slip floor pads help your little one to go safely up and down with out falling.

Plus this is universal and fits virtually all toilets and when its your turn to go just simply fold this up to put it out of the way.

Even sweeter everyone gets free shipping as well! If only I would have had this seat for my oldest 2 my life would have been so much easier.

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