Save $200 Off My Lovely Ride On 12V Unicorn @ Walmart

Save $200 Off My Lovely Ride On 12V Unicorn @ Walmart

Guess what just released and is on sale?! This battery powered ride-on unicorn at Walmart!

While normally $399 right now you can score it for just $199!

This is really a dream come true for any little girl. Oh who am I kidding if I could fit on it I would even ride it.

This ride-on was just introduced in the United States and is already on sale! This could very well be a mistake but its one in our favor and Im grabbing mine up before the holiday rush.

This unicorn is battery powered and rechargeable. Simply charge up this battery at night and get riding through out the day.

The kids are sure to feel like pure royalty driving around the yard, house and driveway on this while laughing in excitement.

As if riding a unicorn wasn't cool enough you also get to style your new unicorns hair and she even features music and a light up horn.

Want to add to the fun? Simply throw a doll or your own favorite animal on this unicorn and take the reigns and she will follow you everywhere.

This is sure to be one of the number one toys this holiday season and this is probably the only time we will find it on sale until then.

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