Save $46 On DockAtot's @ Zulily

Save $46 On DockAtot's @ Zulily

We have never seen a DockAtot sale until now! Right now you can score $46 off these revolutionary little miracles.

This is the extra set of hands you only wished you had for your little one and mine has been a dream come true.

These Dockatots give your little one the cocoon like feeling of being in the womb.

They are perfect to sleep, lounge and play in. Plus they are totally portable which means taking them to grandmas or the babysitters is easy.

My little one was having a tough time sleeping in his pack and play so I knew I needed to find something else and thats when I found a DockAtot.

It was love at first sight my little man loved it and slept just like being at home. Plus I have found tons of other uses for it too.

I take this in the bathroom with me so while Im showering hes goods as can be. Not to mention while Im cooking, exercising or just cleaning I turn to this little miracle.

Plus the hubby uses this to co-sleep with him so he is right in eyes sight but at the same time in his own area.

These come in several different styles and you will want to be fast as these are super popular and we have never seen them go on sale which makes this sale just totally amazing.


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