Save Up To 37% Off Patio Trash Cans @ Amazon

Save Up To 37% Off Patio Trash Cans @ Amazon

Trash bins are nasty eye sores especially when your trying to have a cookout with family.

But now you can make them blend in while not breaking the bank! We just spotted these patio trash cans up to 37% off.

Not only are these super adorable but they are actually handy and even come with lids so even the lightest paper plate can't fly away.

No more tracking my trash can from the kitchen to the deck now I can have this constantly sitting there waiting.

Plus they are even big enough to hold 30 gallon trash bags! Perfect for birthdays, bbq's and the 4th of July I can see using mine all the time.

To top off this amazing sale these also ship free straight to your door for both Amazon prime and non prime members!


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