Save Yourself A Fortune With Amazon Deals Of The Day

New Deals Every Single Day!
Save Yourself A Fortune With Amazon Deals Of The Day

If you have never shopped Amazon's "Deals of the Day" you are really missing out. They offer nearly everything you can imagine in their 1 day only special deals. Plus not only are their prices insane but their delivery is just as super.

If you are looking to save oodles of cash for 2019 these bargains are the perfect way to start and the best part they are always changing them up daily to keep you on your toes what will be next.

Amazon Deal of the Day

Deals Of The Day for Sunday the 17th of November 2019:

Amazon always loads us down with anywhere from a couple to dozens of different selections that you can shop for a full 24 hours or while supplies last.

Household Essentails are up to a whooping 46% off today! We are talking all your favorite brads like Lysol, Glade, Air Wick, Finish, Ziploc, Dixie, Brawny, and more!

The Dyson V7 Animal Cordless HEPA Stick Vacuum drops to an unbelievable $179.99 while it lasts.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas decorating and these LED Christmas Lights for 30% off are the way to go. Not only are they virtually unbreakable, they are more environmentally green so you can save power which is always a plus.

Fire Edition Smart TV's are as low as $99.99! Plus they have every size you can think of making them the perfect fit for your living room or bedroom.

What is an add-on item?

Sometimes Amazon reduces the price significantly on certain items and when they do they call these add-ons. When you see an add-on item near the price tag these items can only be purchased with an order totaling $25 or more (even for Amazon Prime members). Add-on items can come in handy for non-prime members to help get over the $25 or more purchase limit for free shipping.

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  • Shelley T.

    I’m so excited :heart_eyes:

  • Joscelyn R.

    got it!

  • Kristen R.

    I know you already got your candles but here’s another deal lol

  • Alanna D.

    hahah I’m good until prob Christmas time now!

  • Christina S.

    Link not working

  • Christina S.

    It worked. Got one

  • Mom D.

    Glad you got it working :)

  • Kyle C.

    Not really a big sale lol. Same price as target.

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    Already got mine! Stashing these away for Christmas

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    . .

  • Penny N.

    ... thought of you right away!

  • Shauna H.

    these are what we got Great return and replacement policy and awesome price

  • Leslie B.

    I love my Foodi!! This is a great deal!

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  • Brittney M.

    for the girls

  • Greg K.

    That's way cool ... girls gonna need something like that :thumbsup:

  • Cara F.

    will this fit beside my bed :joy:

  • Bonnie P.

    they may like this too much!

  • Patti M.

    I need that!

  • Julie P.

    we need these for all the hotel stays for the races then we won’t have to share the bed with the kids

  • Carrie L.

    haha we always make the kids sleep together, they would rather these!

  • Courtney M.

    It’s a double decker couch!

  • Kat S.

    this would be great for when u use van as a camper

  • Timothy H.

    That’s cool

  • Crystal C.

    for camping

  • Caitlyn J.

    thanks just bought it :joy: she’s getting an iPad for christmas but this will buy me time lmao

  • Carly P.

    :joy::joy::joy: lucky girl. Hopefully that one doesn’t take a swim too lol

  • Caitlyn J.

    lifeproof case for sure lol

  • Carly P.

    so smart