Say Goodbye To Disney On Netflix

Say Goodbye To Disney On Netflix

Major news on the Netflix front, it was just announced that Disney will be removing all of their content from Netflix very soon, including movies (which includes Pixar) and some of our favorite series.

The good news is nothing will be gone until the end of 2019 so we'll be able to enjoy it while it lasts, but obviously this is frustrating news seeing as we were told previously Disney would stay locked in with Netflix for years to come.

The news comes right on the brink of Disney announcing they will be offering their own standalone streaming service in the future, and to do so they will have to part with Netflix to make it happen.

But most customers are pretty ticked about the change. All of these streaming services dividing means us frugal folks paying for pretty much the same services with less content. I really don't like the idea of some of our favorite movies and TV series spread out on different platforms, just means more money for us consumers at the end of the day.

Your turn: What do you think about this news? Will you keep your Netflix subscription when the change happens or jump ship to Disney?

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