Seatbelt Pillow Just $2.49 Shipped @ Amazon

Seatbelt Pillow Just $2.49 @ Amazon

Here's a great travel companion for your kiddo! Get this Car Seatbelt Pillow For Kids in Gray for just $1.49 at Amazon!

What an awesome steal for just $1.49... Plus shipping is just a buck!

These are great to have for both the long trips and short ones (like those back-to-school drives home when your kiddo is just so tired from adjusting back to their full days at school).

Keep them comfortable while they're cruising with you. This strap pillow will prevent the the seatbelt from digging into their shoulders and be there for head and neck support if they doze off too.

This LKE Seatbelt Pillow is made in the USA of washable cotton, is easy to attach to any seatbelt and totally safe.


  • Eddie F.

    We need

  • Jessica K.

    u want me to get one for xavier?

  • Bonnie P.

    Yes must get one!

  • Julie C.

    Get 2

  • Theresa G.

    I like that

  • Sarah Y.

    . Soph needs one of these for when she falls asleep

    • Stacey E.

      Oh but I like seeing how awkward she is when she falls asleep :joy:

    • Sarah Y.

      Hahaha with her kinked neck :joy:

    • Stacey E.

      Mouth wide open :ok_hand_tone1:

  • Brylee T.

    for your next camping mish.

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