Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player $25 (w/ Code) @ Dollar General

Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player $25 (w/ Code) @ Dollar General

With all these classics being released it's nostalgia overload for us here at Mom Deals but we're not complaining!

While we're on the topic of throwback consoles, Dollar General has the Sega one for $28 as part of their 3 day sale. But you can snag it for just under $25 when you order online and use promo code VET16 at checkout!

Out of stock now** they do have the console available for $40 and you can get 11% off with code VET16. GRAB HERE

Plus shipping is free! What a bargain!

This is a total steal for this console, these are double the price everywhere else and make an awesome Christmas gift for your little gamer. We just got Sonic for out Apple TV, but it's not the same with the remote we have.

I went ahead and grabbed this for $27 (free shipping and $2 in tax) and the amount he'll play with this vs. other toys there is no comparison. He can't get enough of the classic games and neither can I!

I love playing these old games with the kids and they seem to love it. I can't tell you how much Donkey Kong my son and I have played over the last 2 months after we got a super nintendo off eBay at a bargain price!

Seeing as this is part of the 3 day sale, it might not last long. Send it to a friend who wasn't lucky and got a Nintendo Classic, good alternative to hold us over for a bit.


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