Set of 10 Magic Hangers just $4.96 @ Walmart

10 Magic Hangers Just $4.96 @ Walmart

If you're wanting to multiply your closet space, these are just the thing to do it!

The As Seen On TV Magic Hangers allow you to hang five garments on each hanger. Then simply unhook from one side allowing the set of garments to hang from one end of the hanger and Bam! You've turned the space of five garments into just one!

And right now you can get this Set of 10 As Seen On TV Magic Hangers for just $4.96 at Walmart! (Originally $6.42).

Each hanger holds five garments so you'll get enough with this set to hang 50 pieces of clothing! These durable hangers are also strong enough to hold five winter coats. Another perk is that they keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free to save you time when you're getting ready. What mom wants to waste time ironing anymore anyway?!

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