Shirt Folding Boards Down To $5.42 @ Walmart

Have perfectly folded clothes, every time.
Shirt Folding Boards Down To $5.42 @ Walmart

I'm honestly not the greatest folder in the world, so when I saw this deal I had to jump on it! Walmart has these shirt folding boards down to just $5.42 right now, which is a pretty sweet buy if you love things neat.

Shirt Folding Board

Right now, these are only available in blue and red, but red is a little bit more right nowthey're $10. All in all, grabbing these for under $6 is a steal if it'll improve your laundry efficiency.

Laundry folding can be a waste of time, especially if you're not great at it. These laundry folding boards are such a time saver, and makes sure you'll have the perfect fold, every time. These handy folding boards can be fold t-shirt, sweaters, dress shirts, pajamas you name it, this thing can probably fold it.

These folding boards are so easy to use, in just 3 steps (and about 3 seconds) you'll be folding all of your clothes. I'm most looking forward to try this thing with towels, I love when my towels are neat and organized.

For $5 this will be worth every penny, especially if you're a horrible folder. This folding board will have you folding like a pro in no time at all. I could also see this being great for packing for big trips, makes things fit snug and everything will be packed to maximize the space in your luggage.

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