Shoes For The Family From $3.48 @ Academy

Shoes For The Family From $3.48 @ Academy

Now this is what I call a perfect morning sale! We just spotted shoes for the family from $3.48!

Plus they have huge savings on name brand shoes as well! These prices are totally insane.

*Note* Some browsers will require you to enter shoes into the search bar to find them.

From rain boots to tennis shoes we just spotted them all and Im stocking up for now and for back to school.

Our closets are officially going to be stocked on tons of footwear choices and Im in absolute love with the neon multi-colored shoes.

Plus there is name brand shoes included! I grabbed Adidas and Fila shoes for only $10.48 each, score!

To save on shipping bump up your order to $25+ and your whole order will ship free.


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