Soft, Cuddly And Interactive Fingerling Hugs Now Available @ Amazon

Soft, Cuddly And Interactive Fingerling Hugs Now Available @ Amazon

One of the hottest toys for 2018 has finally hit the shelves.. Fingerling Hugs!

They are giant talking plush Fingerlings that love to play with you.

These new friends can come home for just $29.84 but you will want to hurry as we don't expect these to last long.

While being bigger, softer and a lot more silly then the original Fingerlings these are sure to be a hit.

Each of these guys is totally interactive and programmed with over 40 different animations. They respond when being swung, petted or even while being rocked to sleep.

But be careful if you accidentally drop your new Fingerling it may even tell you "ouch".

Monkey hear monkey say. Fingerlings Hugs records what your child says and will repeat it back in a funny voice. Then throw them in the air and they will give you an even sillier remix.

Don't forget to take your new pal with you everywhere. They love to be hugged and will wrap their arms around you to hold on where ever your child's adventures take them.

These new soft additions to the Fingerling world are expected to be a huge success just like last years originals. While being cute, cuddly and interactive I know every child will have this on their Christmas list.

Shipping is free.


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