Spring Beauty Box Only $5 + Free Shipping @ Walmart

Spring Beauty Box Only $5 + Free Shipping @ Walmart

I love when Walmart launches their beauty boxes. They are always jammed packed with tons of popular products and I get to try them all.

Plus this box is completely free you just pay the $5 shipping charge and it's all yours.

This specific box will sign you up to receive a new box every season. So you will have 4 boxes sent to you a year to keep you going.

No need to fret about how much the other beauty boxes will be. As they are always a flat $5 fee and a amazing buy.

These boxes come with products you will love to use for that specific season. Even better they are deluxe sized samples so you can use them again and again.

I absolutely love the Walmart beauty box so much that I also signed up my mom for it. We look forward to the new boxes getting released so we can try out our favorites.

There is no way to go wrong with super cheap beauty. Plus getting a new box every season adds to the fun of the year.


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