Stash Nerf Guns With The Nerf Elite Blaster Rack

Stash 20 blasters and all of your accessories with this awesome rack!
Stash Nerf Guns With The Nerf Elite Blaster Rack

The Nerf Elite Blaster Rack is here, and it's one of the coolest ways we've seen to store all of your Nerf gear. This is one of those Nerf items that we're expecting to be sold out by the time the holidays get here.

Stay organized and ready for battle with this awesome Nerf rack, easily store your collection of Nerf guns, ammo and accessories on the shelves, as well as small drawers and hooks for storage of all of your Nerf gear not just guns. This awesome rack makes for the ultimate Nerf battle station.

I love how you can store ammo neatly so you won't have to worry about finding them later. Every time the kids come running in to have a Nerf battle the biggest problem is finding the ammo, this makes for the best way to keep everything in one easy to grab spot and keeps things organized in their room.

Plus when you have a battle, you'll be ready to access your collection of Nerf gear in seconds. This bad boy can hold up to 20 Nerf blasters, store ammo and even has hooks for other accessories.

While the price is a little high for these, this does seem like a better way to organized Nerf stuff instead of just throwing it in a toy bin or putting them on a shelf in the closet.

What do you think of this rack? Love it or do you have a better way of keeping Nerf toys organized?

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