Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster Seat $28 @ Amazon

Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster Seat $28 @ Amazon

There are some products we come across that make us think, why didn't we think of that? This awesome Pop N Sit Portable Booster is just that!

Right now you can grab it on sale on Amazon for just $27.97!! That's $7 less than the next best price, which is a really good deal for this seat!

This thing is seriously, genius! It's super comfy and has so many uses, use it at picnics, for parties and any get together.

The absolutely loves hanging in it, no matter where you're at (zero tantrums so far, fingers crossed). The tray is so useful, fits on any round posts.

It's super portable too, the seat tray and straps all fit snug in the bag is comes with for easy transport. It's literally the perfect portable seat for families and moms always on the move!

Bed Bath & Beyond is the only store that still has these in stock. Currently they are sold out on the companies site AND on Amazon, so don't wait! This is a great purchase for anyone expecting or knows someone who is.

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