Swimline Game Station Table Float Set Just $38 @ Amazon

Perfect for all ages
Swimline Game Station Table Float Set Just $38 @ Amazon

Water, games, and friends what could be much more fun? How about a Game Station Table Float Set that gives you all 3 right in your own pool or favorite water pit. Grab your little piece of paradise now for just $37.88.

Swimline Game Station Table Float Set

The Swimline Game Station Table Float Set comes complete with 2 floating chairs, a table, and water-proof cards to boot so you are ready to play the second you blow it up.

Grab your favorite drink and get playing each chair features it's own cup holder so you can bring it right in the water with you for fun that never ends.

To top it off the chairs can attach to the table with a bungee ball tie so you don't float away. When its time to relax even further simply unhook and get floating. This is like a 2-in-1 paradise that is just asking to jump right into my pool.

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Reply to
  • Jean R.

    oh yay! Kick your ass in the pool too

  • Jean R.

    be prepared to lose your nickels

  • Monique G.

    I have been looking for another island :thumbsup:

  • Jackelyn L.

    we need this in our livers

  • Jennifer K.

    we need this forsure!!!!!

  • Leslie A.

    i dont see this working unless the object is to fall offyour float to pick a card...:joy::joy:. We would totally get bored with that real quick

  • Meredith W.

    at least the floats have cup holders

  • Leslie A.

    which they all do and look they are drinking water :sob::sob:

  • Meredith W.

    That because they are clearly amateurs

  • Leslie A.

    this is more like it. :joy::joy:

  • Meredith W.

    omg yess! I need to get this