SwimWays Disney Princess Mermaid Tail Swim Fins $20 @ Toys R Us

Ariel Mermaid Tail Swim Fins $20 @ Toys R Us

Do you have a little mermaid in your life? If so, check these out! You can get these Swimways Disney Princess Mermaid Tail Swim Fins - Ariel f0r $19.99 at Toys R Us right now!

For kids, strapping both feet into a monofin can be a little tricky. These Mermaid Tail Swim Fins are great though because they're two separate fins making up the whole mermaid tail. So they can still swim as they usually do and not with both legs together.

These Tail Swim Fins are recommended for children ages five and up and fit a shoe size of 3 up to 5.

You can get free shipping with any order of $29 or more at Toys R Us. Otherwise, just check to see if in-store pickup is an option in your area and skip the shipping cost if just ordering one.

You can also get them through Kmart from one of their Marketplace sellers for the same $19.99 price.

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