Taco Holder Fiesta Plates Just $2.47 @ Walmart

Taco Holder Fiesta Plates Just $2.47 @ Walmart

These plates are totally something every household needs for taco night Tuesday. They keep your tacos standing up so you don't have a fallen over mess instead.

Plus for just $2.47 each when you buy a pack of 4 how could you not want these amazing plates?

I'll be the first to say nearly every time I make tacos I just make a taco salad instead. Keeping them taco's upright with all their toppings inside is a nightmare.

Until now! These plates are created to hold 3 tacos each. Plus they have 2 additional sections that will be perfect for salsa, guacamole, beans, rice or any of your other Mexican favorites.

In each pack, you will find 4 plates all in different fiesta colors that are microwave and dishwasher safe making cleaning up and reheating a breeze.

If you love tacos as much as my family these plates truly are a dream come true and at a price tag like this, you will not want to pass it up.

Shipping is free with any $35 or more purchase.

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