Tether Ball Splash Sprinkler Game Only $8 @ Walmart

Tether Ball Splash Sprinkler Game Only $8 @ Walmart

Let the fun begin! This tether ball splash game is perfect for staying cool while having fun.

Priced at only $7.95 its a complete score. I absolutely love tether ball and this is a fun new twist to the classic.

We bought this game last year and it has been a huge hit for our entire family that never gets old.

The ball is a sprinkler so while your hitting and kicking away your also staying cool. It our favorite outdoor game to play.

Plus this game is perfect for all ages and everyone from my toddler to myself loves a good game of challenge.

*Note some of the reviews say this will not stay standing* Make sure when you get this you fill it all the way up as tight as it will go to avoid this problem.

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