The Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll Is Now Available

The Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll Is Now Available

The Baby Shark official song now has plush dancing sharks and they sing the super popular song that we all love while dancing the night away.

These Baby Shark dolls are priced at just $29.99 each but you will want to be fast these only stay in stock minutes to hours before they are sold out again.

If you have a little Baby Shark fan in the house they are absolutely going to love these.

So what makes these so cool? Simply tap the top of their head and they start dancing and singing and you can join in on the fun. But that's not all you can also squeeze their fin to hear 2 bonus songs!

Sounds fun right and that's not even the beginning you can also say "Baby Shark" for fun reactions that will get everyone smiling.

These plushies are super soft and can become your favorite cuddling plush when you are not dancing around to the beat of the favorite Doo, Doo, Doo, song.

Do not sleep on this one. These have been nearly impossible to find in-stock since their release and we can only expect them to fly out of stock again.

Shipping is free.

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