The Peanuts Movie Blu-Ray/DVD $9.99 @ Best Buy

The Peanuts Movie Blu-Ray/DVD $9.99 @ Best Buy

You can pick up the Collector's Edition of The Peanuts Movie for just $9.99 at Best Buy ($15 savings!). This is a blu-ray/dvd/digital edition combo pack at a steal of a price!

This new spin on a nostalgic classic is a favorite for both kids and adults. The Collector's Edition includes 6 Snoopy Snippets, 2 music videos and a bonus learn to Draw Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown!

This DVD release has something for all ages and I know it will be a big hit in my house from the movie buff, to the artist, and the dance party star.

At this price you can pick up a few for stocking stuffers, keep one for yourself, or even have an extra on hand for those "Mom! I was invited to a birthday party tomorrow, can I go?" occasions.


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