10 Awesome Amazon Prime Benefits You Don't Want To Miss

You don't want to overlook these...
10 Awesome Amazon Prime Benefits You Don't Want To Miss

I don't know about you but I'm always trying to get the most out of Amazon Prime.

I first signed up around five years ago, I'll be honest, it was the FREE Two Day Shipping policy that got me. But since then, they've kept me subscribed thanks to all the extra benefits that are included.

While the free two day shipping makes the membership worth it alone (the convenience is unmatched and makes shopping a whole lot easier) since then I've become what some would call a power user.

But being that there is 20 million users now, you have to think some either sign up and don't get word of the new perks, or some just simply haven't checked back in a while.

Amazon is constantly adding in new perks and services that are exclusive for Prime members and some of them are too sweet not to share. And for how much we pay? Why shouldn't we keep up with them?!

So what are the advantages of Amazon Prime anyway?

We're glad you asked. Below we'll be breaking down all of the best benefits of Prime, any perks you may not know, and all the new services they've added since the launch of the service.

I'm constantly hunting for deals with Amazon, and these are the benefits that I love most that keep me subscribed. After all, they have to keep us happy if they want to keep us subscribed right?

Before we get started, you should know you can get aFREE 30 day trial of Prime if you're looking to try it out.

And right now, they're offering Veterans and Active Military a discount through 11/11 and you should also know students can always get 6 months free of Prime and then a discounted renewal price after that.

1. 1-Day, Same-Day and 2-Day Shipping

Did you know that Amazon Prime members in some areas can get 1 day shipping and same day shipping?

But there are a couple of stipulations...

  • To qualify for either same day or one day, your order has to be at least $35.
  • For both one day and two day shipping, the item has to qualify and be eligible (see image below).
  • You have to check out before a certain cut off point. This is usually in the morning.
  • Your zip code has to qualify for same day and one day. Enter it here to see if you're included.

Here's what one day shipping looks like...

10 Awesome Amazon Prime Benefits You Don't Want To Miss

And the most popular benefit, which has gotten the most people to sign up for Prime is free 2-day shipping.

Almost everything site-wide ships to you totally free, in two days, with no minimum purchase either!

I find myself using this for last-minute gifts, household cleaners that I didn't realize I was low on, pet food and well anything and everything I don't want to run to the store to grab.

2. Unlimited Free Photo Storage

All Amazon shoppers are able to score 5 gigs of free storage with Amazon Drive.

But With Amazon Prime, you qualify for unlimited free photo storage with Amazon Photos.

We've all had that point where are photos are full, but not for Prime users. As long as your photos are smaller than 2 gigs each you're good to go. They even support a bunch of photo formats depending on your needs.

Why Amazon Photos Is Awesome...

It's something we can all relate to...

You break your phone, camera or lose your SD card and there goes all the beloved pictures gone for good. This is something with technology that's always worried me.

But this won't be a problem, thanks to Amazon's Unlimited Cloud Storage.

It's another free benefit and will keep backups of every single photo you have.

If you lose that phone just simply log back in and magically, there sits all your photos waiting on you.

3. Amazon Prime Membership Sharing

Unlike some services that shall not be named, Amazon Prime allows membership sharing.

Seriously, it's one of my favorite reasons for using it and it totally makes it worth having, Amazon allows members to share Prime benefits with one other adult and four non-adults.

So in total you can have 5 people use Prime benefits, without giving them direct access to your account.

Here's a breakdown of how sharing works.

What You Should Know...

If you've checked out the link above, you'll probably see that you will have to live at the same address.

The idea is that your sharing your membership with people in the same house as you.

When you invite someone, you'll need to know their name, birthday and email address.

When they accept the invite, they'll have to know your birthday.

4. Free Prime Videos (Prime Video)

Did you know Amazon Prime has a streaming service of it's own thats on par with Netflix?

That's right and it also has a ton of TV Shows and Prime Movies you'll want to check out.

Why I switched from Netflix to Prime Video...

How many Prime members have Netflix too?

I too was guilty of keeping Netflix with my Prime until I realized that Prime offers thousands of free movies and tv shows that are just as good as Netflix.

I made the jump and switched from Netflix to Prime Video and haven't looked back.

I can stream straight to all of the devices I streamed Netflix on too! Let's just say the price increases with Netflix was a real deal breaker for me when choosing what to watch in our house.

5. Ad-Free Music Streaming (Prime Music)

Everyone loves advertisements right? Wrong!

Amazon offers Free Music Streaming and best of all it's completely ad-free.

They have millions of songs to choose from all on demand and ready to stream to your phone, tv or device.

Sorry, Pandora, Spotify and other costly monthly add-ons you can't compete with free ad-free music.

Check out the huge selection and playlists of Prime Music or you can try it free here.

6. Flat Fee Groceries (Prime Pantry)

Amazon has a sweet program called Prime Pantry that lets you order all kinds of items and get them shipped right to your front door, it really is a great way to order those household essentials before you run out.

There's three ways to pay with Prime Pantry...

  • $5.99 for orders under $35
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Get Prime Pantry and get free shipping on orders over $10 with $4.99 subscription

What's sweet is you can get a 30 day free trial of Prime Pantry and try it out.

7. Free Twitch Subscription (Twitch Prime)

Ever heard of Twitch? It's that YouTube-like gaming website that kids watch all day long.

What's great is Amazon Prime users can unlock free Twitch Prime which actually goes by the name Twitch Turbo which pretty much removes ads when you're watching gamers stream.

Not just that but you also get some free games out of the deal when you take advantage of Twitch Prime!

All you have to do is get a twitch account and go here to connect it to your Amazon Prime account.

8. Free Kindle eBooks (Lending Library)

This is one of my family's most used benefits of Amazon Prime!

Amazon offers thousands of eBooks totally free.

This includes books for all ages and every genre. If you love thrillers, romance, biographies or just want to get your kids reading everyone can choose their favorites for free.

Don't have a Kindle? No worries you can download the Kindle App to your phone or tablet to score these books.

Don't forget to check the library often they are always adding hundreds more to the selections.

9. No Rush Shipping Credits

So you have Amazon prime but you don't necessarily need that purchase in 2 days? You are in luck on the final checkout page you have the option to choose no-rush shipping and receive $1 back in digital credit.

While $1 doesn't sound like much imagine if you make 20+ item purchases a month.

If you check out each item individually you can score $20 back in digital credit!

Now the question remains what exactly can you use your "credits" to purchase?

Use credits on Kindle ebooks, Prime Video, Digital Music, Amazon Appstore apps, and more. Score!

10. Cheap Diapers, Baby Food & Essentials

Compliments of Amazon family your Prime membership also includes up to 20% off savings on items you need for your infant. Including select diapers, baby food, and essentials.

With a mommy brain, I constantly forget at least one thing I went to the store to get. This makes it easy to get the items shipped right to my door while saving some cash.

What Do You Get With Amazon Prime?

To recap here's the best Amazon Prime features you get with a subscription...

  • Free Shipping (free 2-day, 1-day, or even same day shipping)
  • Prime Photos (unlimited photo storage)
  • Prime Music (unlimited ad-free music streaming)
  • Prime Video (unlimited video streaming that's on-par with Netflix)
  • Twitch Prime (free ad free Twitch for your gamers)
  • Prime Reading (free books from the Amazon Lending Library)
  • Prime Pantry (flat rate shipping on house essentials like paper towels)
  • Prime Exclusives (see deals before anyone else)
  • Prime Wardrobe (perfect for school shopping)

Don't miss out on these benefits...

Lightning Deals for Steals

Prime members get early access to hundreds of lightning deals!

That's right shop exclusive deals before the general public gets access to them. This is the perfect tool for scoring the biggest savings before they sell out, these are some of the best deals you'll find all year long.

Amazon Elements for Baby Products

Amazon recently just launched it's very own brand of baby products!

Have you heard about this yet? These are exclusive to Prime members and are made of high quality products at sweet prices, this could make for some huge savings for us Prime users!

What's really neat is each product includes a unique code on its packaging that you can enter and see it's own quality report and product origins on all their ingredients. Every piece of vital information you can think of is included in this report that always provides you peace of mind before you use it.

Prime Wardrobe for Clothes

Prime wardrobe is the newest addition to the prime benefits that I'm just loving!

It is a exclusive Prime benefit where you can try before you buy from eligible apparel items across women’s, men’s, kids’, and baby clothing, shoes, and accessories. You get seven days to try the items at home and you will only be charged for the items you decide to keep.This is what I call easy school shopping.

Sometimes my son wears a size 12 but other times he needs a 14. Being able to try his clothing on and sending back what I didn't want with the prepaid shipping label makes school shopping so much easier!

There you have it, a list of our favorite 10 overlooked benefits of the Amazon Prime membership. Want to get the full rundown on the dozens of things offered on your membership? Just go here to see it all.

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