The TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit Is Awesome

This really looks like a blast...
The TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit Is Awesome

Check this out! This innovative little gadget lets you pop in blank Christmas ornaments and color them making no-mess, beautiful Christmas ornaments that the kids will love and actually have fun making!

What a fun tradition to start doing this Christmas. The kit comes with 3 ornaments and 8 nontoxic colorful markers, but you can also go here to grab more ornaments if you're needing a bunch. While the kit is on sale right now for $18.48 the refill kits are $12.99 each and come with 6 extra ornaments.

This device is a creative, mess free way to make beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree. Just pop in an ornament and let the device twirl, then you'll be able to color your ornament making for some really creative, memorable keepsakes and all you need is markers and blank ornaments.

While the description says these are ideal for ages 6 and up, some of the reviews say its a fun activity for all ages. The best part is kids love making them and the device is really easy to use.

They really turn out great as you can see from all the pictures, I'm just loving the idea of how mess free this is. It really takes all the hassle out of glitter and glue getting everywhere but at the same time having the kids make really neat ornaments that they'll be able to sign and pull out year after year.

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