These Pencils Grow Into Plants When Planted!

This has to be the best invention since writing tools itself!
These Pencils Grow Into Plants When Planted!

Taking away from nature for a pencil is devastating but these pencils are environmentally friendly and made with eco-friendly wood but that's not even the best part - when you are finished with these pencils they grow into beautiful flowers and herbs.

Sprout Pencils

Sprout Pencils give a little back to the world when cutting down all the trees are just simply taking and taking.

What makes Sprout Pencils so special? They write just like an ordinary pencil and sharpen too but when you are at the very end and its time to say goodbye you pop these in the soil and they sprout into a beautiful flower or a tasty herb.

These come in several different counts from 5 up to 32 making them perfect for stocking up for school or even donating to a teacher you know.

Plus several packs come with fun bonuses including coloring books, quotes, and more.

These pencils start at $8.99 and work there way up. But considering what all you get this is a great price.

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