These Thanksgiving Turkey Butter Sculptures Are Awesome

Can you pass me the Turkey Butter Sculpture...
These Thanksgiving Turkey Butter Sculptures Are Awesome

Forget going with regular old butter this year, instead go with something a little more awesome.

Check out these Turkey Shaped Butter Sculptures that are going to be released at a bunch of retailers heading into Thanksgiving and are now showing in the Instacart app!

Instead of going with a regular stick of butter this Thanksgiving, instead, go with these funny butter sculptures instead. Keller's Creamery is the maker of these and we're just loving how cool they look.

They're rolling out in stores in November and what's great is they're already showing on Instacart which stores will have them in stock... so far we've seen Kroger, Ralphs, Walmart, Acme, Safeway, Wegmans and a bunch of others. Take a second and hop over to check out the full list of retailers here.

I love that these are called 'Butter Sculptures' because they really do have a lot of artwork like a true masterpiece, expect your guests to be wowed by the butter. It's also 8 tablespoons so you'll have plenty.

Heck, if you're looking to bring something this year, why not bring a Turkey Butter Sculpture? I mean, how many people do you expect to bring one of these to Thanksgiving dinner anyway?

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  • Shannon K.

    mine are way better than this crap! Lol

  • Samantha S.

    hahah right. But this could be a new side business for you!

  • Mindy B.

    Shannon Kenyon Ok, my curiosity is you have a picture?

  • June W.

    hmmmmm....I wonder how much?

  • Sara B.


  • Amanda J.

    wth is this :joy:

  • Jessie L.

    I dunno. But it belongs in that butter guy video :laughing:

  • Amanda J.


  • Nicole Q.

    I think we need to up our thanksgiving game and get one of these!