These Turkey Leg Pants Will Be Perfect For Thanksgiving!

These pants are over the top fun!
These Turkey Leg Pants Will Be Perfect For Thanksgiving!

The holiday season is trucking in fast and if you are the type that loves making people laugh these Turkey Leg Holiday Pants will do just that! For just $9.99 who wouldn't want chunky holiday thighs?

Thanksgiving Turkey Leg Pants

These Thanksgiving Turkey Leg Pants are quite the catch each pair is made to make you look like you are wearing the bottom half of a turkey and the best part will be seeing the whole family delighted come Thanksgiving dinner.

You can grab these pants in sizes large, x-large, and xxl. Each pair is made loose fitting and with a stylish orange color so you looked like a perfectly cooked bird.

Surprise your dinner parties this holiday with these hysterical and comfortable pants.

As always you can get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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  • Pamela T.

    , Happy Birthday, here’s your gift! It’s shipping soon, I expect to see you wearing these at Thanksgiving.

  • Cara G.

  • Katie H.

    new tradition :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Tracy B.

    - can we get matching outfits for Thanksgiving? I’m thinking these pants are amazing!!!!

  • Aimee F.

    that’s a hard NO

  • Katie H.

    I know someone who could make them

  • Faith D.


  • Kristin H.


  • Kristen P.

    ! Can we get these for the girls for the turkey trot:joy::joy:

  • Sarah M.

    we should get these

  • Alyssa T.


  • Melissa S.

    do I even need to say it?

  • Ann M.

    Should I get Nic some of these for a Turkey Tournament? :joy::joy::joy:

  • Kaylee M.

    noooooo lol

  • Anna M.

    yo ho with your outfit

  • Jana W.

    just in case you need a pair of Turkey Pants!

  • Denise M.

    I found our thanksgiving outfits :joy::joy:

  • Amy B.

    what the heck??

  • Denise B.

    I thought these were camel toe pants at first

  • Kaila F.

    Ohhhh bet I won’t show up like s damn turkey. I have no shame!

  • Kristen P.

    I’m sure they’d never speak to us if we even suggested them! Maybe they’ll talk Liam into wearing them though :thinking::joy:

  • Michelle S.

    New twinning :skull::joy:

  • Amy B.

    , what do you think?

  • Katherine G.

    don’t you usually do the turkey trot? :joy: you need these

  • Mary T.

    I could keep snacks in there.

  • Angelia M.

    I’m getting you these

  • Rhys M.

    No, I am getting you these...or we both get them!

  • Mike R.


  • Danuta S.


  • Karry J.

    here are your pants for Thanksgiving!!!!

  • Tereza T.

    Let’s get these for Thanksgiving :joy:

  • Tiffany H.

  • Rondel C.

    ..... kids day outfits!!!!

  • Julie C.

    . Let’s get some!

  • Rachel R.

    Here ya go

  • Jessica M.

    these are gross

  • Bethany M.


  • Meg M.

  • Sarah S.


  • Trisha L.


  • Katie O.

    guess what you are each getting for thanksgiving? :joy:

  • Heather J.


  • Saira R.

  • Jenn C.

    found you some new leggings.

  • Missy R.


  • Brett H.

    lmfao no jen we are trying to look smaller not larger lmao

  • Kathleen J.

    should get a pair of these lol

  • Trisha W.


  • Tonia H.

    & need these... get Fiona a pair too

  • Amy S.

    I need these :joy:

  • Jacob S.


  • Jade L.

    noise :ok_hand:

  • Lisa R.

    let’s rock these on Thanksgiving

  • Bethany F.

    turkey trot ?????

  • Tricia C.

    I could totally see you wearing these:turkey:

  • Mike B.

    I'll be .. stuffing .. myself into these :joy:

  • TaNisha D.

    haha!!! Do they come in more colors? I think I need a pair in every color!

  • Chandra W.

    lol... only if you get some too

  • Amber V.

    wow. :thinking:

  • Kathleen J.

    Lol do a turkey dance :dancer:

  • Chandra W.


  • Ann B.

    and this made you think of me.....:thinking:

  • Chelsea S.

    you probably need these

  • Michelle D.

    the dreeeeeeaammmm

  • Luana B.

    Oh yes!

  • Domini B.

  • Melissa B.


  • Louise B.

    ...yeah!!! They are back!!! I hope we get to see ’s drumsticks this Thanksgiving !!

  • LeAnn S.


  • Sara N.


  • Anessa H.

    I need these for thanksgiving right?

  • Jaimie S.

    you totally can pull these off!!

  • Christine D.

    you need these for Nashville!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Sarah S.


  • Luana B.

    I went to order them because they’re only $10, and I realized I need to get one for everyone and we need to wear them on Friendsgiving :raised_hands::turkey:

  • Sarah S.

    best Friendsgiving ever!!

  • Luana B.


  • Mary J.


  • Lindsay L.

    I feel like when the time comes and you host a holiday it’s probably going to be thanksgiving and it’s probably going to require these pants

  • Virginia B.

    I expect you to wear these!!

  • Kathleen P.

    i feel like now that we’re not as fat this isn’t a terrible idea

  • Pamela R.

    That's how my legs look all the time. Sigh