Third Through Fifth Grade School Supply Pack $18 @ Amazon

School Supply Pack $18 @ Amazon

Back to school shopping for a student third through fifth? Hurry over to Amazon where you can score this School Supply Pack for JUST $18!

This pack has everything you need to start school and is regularly priced at $30 so you'll be getting a whopping 30% off this pack!

This new idea of having back to school supply packs is totally genius and I'm glad Crayola is getting aboard the bundle train! Especially seeing as the bundles come with the appropriate grade and supplies needed for each. If you're a last minute shopper, this is perfect for you.

This neat little Crayola bundle comes with 3 portfolios, 50 pieces of art paper, 70 ct spiral notebook, 200 sheets of filler paper, 4 pens and more!

What do you think of these new bundles? Genius or still need some work?

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