This Mom Runs on Caffeine, Target & Amazon Prime T-Shirt $10 @ Fairy Season

This Mom Runs On..T-Shirt $10 @ Fairy Season

Hahaha. Truer words may have never been spoken. Boy oh boy, do I need this in my life! Head over to Fairy Season where they've got this This Mom Runs on Caffeine, Target and Amazon Prime T-Shirt for just $10.69 (regularly $15.27)! Plus shipping is free!

Are you that mom that prays the next Amazon order doesn't show up when my husband's home? Show of hands, how many of you are afraid that your husband may send you to an Amazon or Target addiction group if one more box shows up on the door or your "quick errand" becomes a 3 hour trip at Target? Yeah, I hear ya.

All I need to get by is my Starbucks, Target and Amazon...and now this t-shirt so the whole world knows it. Hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem right?

You can choose from Gray or Blue on this tee and it comes in sixes XS up to 3XL so they've got a fit for everyone.

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