Today Only Get Spanx By Sarah Blakely For Just $12.79 @ Zulily

Today Only Get Spanx By Sarah Blakely For Just $12.79 @ Zulily

Today only (6/26) at Zulily you can score all styles of SPANX by Sara Blakely for just $12.79! They're regularly $26 or more (most are closer to $40 regularly)!

My summer body may not be where I had hoped by this time of the year, but I know one thing won't let me down...


I can still rock a cute summer dress without as much of the wiggle and not sacrificing my comfort or having to sweat like crazy.

This has got to be one piece of clothing that I'd say should be a staple in every single mom's arsenal.

You have to sign up to be able to shop on the Zulily website since it's members-only.

And you have to be logged in to your account for the links on this page to work since it's a private members shopping site.

But no worries if you don't have an account, it's free to join. And then you can get swept away by their every day featured deals.

Just take note - it's addicting! (in other words, Lord please don't let my husband be home when the packages arrive!)

Plus at Zulily you get all-day shopping with one shipping charge. So you pay just $5.95 for your first order and then any other items you order by 11:59 that night ship for free too!

Just note, that each additional item you add to your first order may increase that shipping by $2 per item so if you're grabbing multiple items you're better off grabbing just one first and paying the base shipping rate.

Then go back and order the rest as a separate order so that they ship for free!


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