Trampoline Tents From Just $77 @ Amazon

Trampoline Tents From Just $77 @ Amazon

Does your trampoline not get played with as much? Here is the answer we bought one of these fun tent toppers and the kids call in their bouncing tree house and stay in it.

Plus they are priced from just $77 depending on which size trampoline you have and is worth every penny.

These tents turn your trampoline from ok to total coolness and they have different models to choose from including with and without safety net enclosures.

There is several designs to also choose from including the cool rocket. However if you want the rocket be fast there is not many left.

The second we put our tent on the trampoline the kids thought it was awesome. They go in there to read, jump, play, and they just basically live in their new cool trampoline club house.

Plus to top off this amazing find they also ship completely free straight to your door!


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